Ocean Springs granted permanent injunction against The Scratch Kitchen

After day of testimony, a judge ruled in favor of the city of Ocean Springs and granted a permanent injunction, closing The Scratch Kitchen and Bar.

The Scratch Kitchen and Bar was the site of a mass shooting on May 5, wounding four and killing 19-year-old Chayse Harmon.

Judge Neil Harris ruled that the potential injury to Ocean Springs outweighed the damage to business owner Brittany Alexander faces from having to close.

During their investigations, police used Facebook posts to learn the Scratch Kitchen was over capacity.

City officials also argued the business violated multiple ordinances, including outside alcohol and marijuana on site.

The Scratch Kitchen claims no crimes have happened at the business before the May 5 shooting.

Kimberly Harmon lost her son the night of the shooting.

She says her son would still be by her side if the Scratch Kitchen would have followed protocol.

“Shut that club down. shut it down. do not open it back up because this will not be the first time it will not be the last, because she’s not gonna follow the orders. She is not gonna follow the rules,” Kimberly said. “If you can’t listen to what the mayor is trying to tell you to do right, when he told you from the beginning to correct that issue, and you did not correct it, what makes you think she’s going to correct it again?”

“Well, I think this unfortunate incident that happened on May 5th is sad. We grieve for the loss of life, but other than that particular incident, Ms. Alexander has run an exemplary business with no violence and no problems from law enforcement,” said Darius Taylor, the attorney representing the Scratch Kitchen. “So to shut her down over one incident is simply unfair.”

Judge Neil Harris is expected to make a decision soon on if the Scratch Kitchen will be staying open or closing for good.

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