Ocean Springs kicker Kaylee Foster turned national royalty

Around this same time last year we introduced you to Kaylee Foster, the first female to score a point in a varsity football game in the history of Ocean Springs High School.

What’s happened to her since then, more specifically this weekend, is pretty remarkable. On Friday, she was crowned homecoming queen just prior to kicking the game-winning extra point in overtime.

She immediately became a viral sensation and if today’s surprise ceremony is any indication, her overnight celebrity is still getting bigger.

“I want to present an award to our Giant of the Week, which I should have called Giant-ette or Lady Giant because this week’s Wendy’s Giant of the Week is Kaylee Foster.”

“I haven’t even had time to process it’s been so crazy. It was an amazing time. I was just bouncing off the walls and I haven’t stopped since Friday.” All hail the queen and all hail the newly crowned Wendy’s Giant Player of the Week for Mississippi who actually had no idea why her majesty was allowed to cut class. “I actually didn’t know what was happening. I almost didn’t come because my teacher didn’t have an email cause they sent out an email list about who was supposed to be here, and my teacher didn’t have an email. But I saw a bunch of the football guys walking past the door and I was like hum, maybe I’m supposed to be somewhere.”

Kaylee’s credentials from the 13-12 win over George County include a pair of field goals and the walk-off PAT. She’s the first female ever recognized by ‘Friday Night under the Lights’ and obviously the first-ever homecoming queen.  ‘Friday Nights under the Lights’ Scoreboard show host Russ Robinson said, “We looked at the impact that it had, we looked at the fact that it was someone that we have never had before and I think the fact with the homecoming queen and all the things that go with it one of the best stories in the state.”

Try one of the best stories in the country. These days, Kaylee Foster is a household name on the internet, having already appeared on Sports Center’s Top 10 and this week she’ll be making her way to the Big Apple to appear on a national talk show.  Kaylee’s mom, Rendy Foster, said, “This has just been completely just mind-blowing, overwhelming. And just, never in my wildest imagination.”

“A lot of people have reached out to me kind of, one girl reached out to me that plays football and she’s like asking me how I get along with the guys and that was really sweet. And someone told me that there’s a little 9-year-old girl that thought about that she wanted to play football, and I just really think that’s awesome.”

Ocean Springs head coach Ryan Ross said, “I couldn’t think of a better person this could happen to. She’s just first class. Her and her family, they’re first class people and I hope they enjoy their experience this week.”

Despite being thrust into the national limelight, Kaylee says her life hasn’t changed that much even though the way she remembers that post-game celebration might be a little bit different than everyone else. “I don’t know homecoming queen was such an honor, but I don’t know it may have been that big group hug at the end of the game. That was really sweet.”

Kaylee’s dad, Jerry Foster, said “I really love the way she refers to the dog pile after the kick as a group hug, when I played ball that was called a dog pile.”

Wendy’s will be donating $250 to the Ocean Springs Touchdown Club as well as $250 in gift cards to Kaylee who says her first meal will probably be a bacon cheeseburger.

The tri-sport athlete is already committed to Mississippi College to play division II soccer and also runs track.

She leaves for New York tomorrow and she’s she still hadn’t started packing as of this morning.

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