Ocean Springs in Running for Best Coastal Small Town

Move over Miami and Los Angeles, Ocean Springs is in the running for Ten Best and U.S.A. Today’s Best Coastal Small Town. Ocean Springs was also recently nominated for Coastal Living’s Happiest Seaside Town.

Ocean Springs is racking up on the contest nominations, and residents there are not surprised. Sparky Purcell, an Ocean Springs resident, says, "It’s an amazing place and you know, we love it. I have a wife and four boys, 10, 8, 3, and 1, and it’s fitting for all of them. We get to do kayaking and canoeing."

With a population of about 18,000 people, Ocean Springs offers up all the seaside fun of an affordable, smaller package. Stacy Strickland, another Ocean Springs resident, says, "Living in Ocean Springs is a small enough town and community where you get to know a lot of people. Whatever you want is here, but yet my neighbor is an acre and a half away, so I still have the privacy at home and all the luxury of a big town."

Ocean Springs is also a top ten finalist for Coastal Living’s Happiest Seaside Town. Cynthia Sutton, Public Relations for the Ocean Springs Chamber of Commerce, says, "We have hundreds of shops, restaurants, and galleries all over Ocean Springs from walkable in downtown throughout the city and it’s just a one of a kind, unique town that we have that’s not like any other in the south."

Rain or shine, residents are proud of the quaint seaside town, but they say what really gives the city character is the people. Strickland also says, "I think it’s because we’re just so friendly. You get to know everybody because we’re not that big of a town, so you get to know most of the people in the town."

Sheldon Curley, another Ocean Springs resident, says, "It’s people that really make up any town and we have a cast of characters and we have tremendous weather to boot."

You can vote until March 16th by visiting www.10best.com and clicking on Best Coastal Small Town.

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