Ocean Springs High wins AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award

Six Mississippi high schools were recently recognized for helping close the gender gap in computer science, one of which is right here on the Gulf Coast.

Ocean Springs High School earned the College Board AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award.

The award was only given to schools that have either 50 percent or higher female representation in one of two AP computer science courses or a percentage of female computer science examinees that meets or exceeds the school’s female population.

Since launching the AP Computer Science at Ocean Springs four years ago, Joy Brown has been determined to support female diversity in her classes. “As we got started, we notice there was no females around, so we started asking females why are you not taking the courses and they said well we didn’t think we could do it. And I said oh no, no, no, no. Girl power. And so, we started involving females and our program has become diverse. We see that if we can have females take the class in high school, they can go on and pursue the career out in the real world. And they are fabulous at it.”

This is the second year in a row that Ocean Springs has earned this award.

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