Ocean Springs High School preps for upcoming theatre show

Theatre students at Ocean Springs High School are working hard preparing for their first show of the year.

Things might look a little different thanks to COVID-19, but these students are ready to break a leg.

It’s nearly showtime for the Ocean Springs High School theatre department, Theatre Director Chris Permenter and his students are a few days away from debuting their rendition of “The Terrible Infants.” “It’s many tales put together, very dark and twisted. There’s something for everybody though. There’s some that are sad. There’s some that are happy. And some that are funny. Someone can come see the show and be satisfied by the end of it.”

Due to COVID-19, theatre looks unlike ever before. Everyone’s costumes include a new accessory: the face shield. Senior Logan Kulick said, “It’s definitely a little weird but as actors it is our job to adapt and work with what we’ve got. The biggest thing is getting our voices out there. With the face shield, every time I put my voice this way, it just comes straight back. We’re working with mics and we’re doing what we can to make our show as normal as possible.”

Along with the addition of face shields, students are social distanced as much as possible during rehearsals. While it’s an adjustment, students say it only adds to the already quirky show. Junior Malayna Knapp said, “It’s very different. It’s a little more difficult, but as actors we do have to adapt to everything so it’s a nice challenge. The show is very fun. It’s very Tim Burton style. It’s very off the wall. It’s very weird but its everything you would want in a kid friendly show.”

Forty-three students make up the cast and crew who have worked since August to put the show together. Senior Kaylee Coursey said, “Front wise you don’t notice how much there is. There are all these different departments. You have makeup, costumes, set, props, and of course your actors, singers and musicians. It’s a lot, but we all just work together to make sure everything fits like a puzzle. It’s a little sad it has to be like this, but this is my family so it’s great.”

It hasn’t been the easiest year, but Permenter says he’s extremely proud of his students and the show they have put together. “It’s been an interesting year having some kids out during quarantine and stuff like that but for the most part, everyone has been here and has been working. Despite this year being really different with just how many obstacles we’ve faced, if you’re ever faced with something like that, just go beyond it and reach for the stars.”

Performances are scheduled for October 23rd, 24th, 29th, and 30th at 7 p.m. at the Performing Arts Center.

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