Ocean Springs Considers Uber Services

Uber is just one of the popular smart phone apps taking over the country with its quick and easy ride sharing process. The company operates in nearby cities such as Mobile and New Orleans. Now, the city of Ocean Springs is hoping to bring the taxi service right here to the Coast.
Festivals and art shows are just part of what makes Ocean Springs a popular destination for people along the Gulf Coast. D’iberville resident Jordan Gill said, “I like all the little shops downtown and you can go to boutiques and you’re not always going to have the same clothes as everybody else and they have a lot of good food.”
With restaurants and bars in every direction, downtown Ocean Springs is also a prime location for night life. Kwitzky’s bartender Megan Trochesset said, “We’re about to have Mardi Gras come up, then Peter Anderson, Cruisin’ the Coast. Plus, this is the local hang out. People want to come hang out on Government Street.”
However, there are very few services for those in need of a safe ride home after having one too many drinks downtown. The city of Ocean Springs is hoping to soon change that with Uber. Unlike a taxi, Uber is run completely through an app on your smart phone device. With just a click of a button, Uber customers are given a description of the driver, the driver’s vehicle and the estimated time of arrival. The app also shows a cost estimate before customers pay for services using their debit or credit card.
Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran had her first experience with Uber in Savannah, Georgia and tells News 25 the service is not only safe but efficient as well.
Uber operates in nearby cities such as Mobile and Jackson. Ocean Springs resident Donnie McClain said, “It’s very safe, it’s very inexpensive. Also, used it in New Orleans and in Columbia, South America. It’s everywhere. Everyone’s picking up on it and I think it’d be good for the community.”
This isn’t the first talk of the taxi service coming to the Coast. Harrison County previously looked into Uber services in the summer but the company pulled out last minute after disagreeing with restrictions set forth by the Motor Vehicle for Hire Authority. “A lot of time, we’ll have people in the bar who need a taxi and they’re waiting 30 and 40 minutes because there’s a lot of competition for that. If it was Uber, we could have somebody here in five minutes. That makes a big difference,” said Trochesset.
Council members will discuss Uber in detail again during their next council meeting.
Eighty percent of Uber fees go straight to the driver, which is often times an average person looking to pick up extra cash. The service does background checks to ensure all drivers are safe.

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