Ocean Springs business ramps up sanitizing service to help in fight against COVID-19

According to Wallet Hub, Mississippi ranks as the fourth hardest hit state when it comes to small businesses in the wake of COVID-19, so if there was ever a time to buy local or use local services it is now.

One South Mississippi business owner is keeping our locals hard at work sanitizing businesses, homes, medical facilities, and more while expanding services to help fight against the spread of the Coronavirus.

It started as a locally owned odor removal business, targeting not only unwelcome odors, but also mold, bacteria, allergens, fungi, and viruses, but Gulf Coast Air Solutions has grown into something more in the wake of COVID-19. Gulf Coast Air Solutions Co-Owner Josiah Doughty said, “We refocused our attention more towards the sanitizing aspect. We still operate under the same protocols and methods. We’re just a little bit safer about what we’re doing. We’ve introduced a couple more products to our line.”

“NJoroxycdiff is a six-log disinfectant, six-log meaning that it has a high kill rate for bacteria and viruses. It’s a hospital and food grade disinfectant.”

Doughty says these products are biodegradable and don’t leave a residue. They’re EPA registered and safe for pets and humans. Products he stands by so much so he uses them in own home.

Doughty and his local employees are also on call, ready to roll and mobilize to sanitize masks, gowns, and other items in bulk and on-location. “We sealed off our work trailer, which is an enclosed trailer, got it as air-tight as possible where we can set off a gas form basically to sanitize them in that space.”

Business has picked up and is available whether you’re a big company or just would like to sanitize your home or car. “The process itself, depending on what exactly needs to be done can take anywhere from an hour up until a couple hours. Once we’re fully completed, re-entry can be in a half-hour.”

Armed and ready to drive down harmful agents and save not only lives, but also much needed jobs right here on the Coast during these uncertain times.

To reach Gulf Coast Air Solutions call 228-351-9665 or check out their website at GCAirsolutions.com or visit their Facebook page ‘Gulf Coast Air Solutions.’

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