Ocean Springs beach sand disappearing: what is being done?

The sand keeps wearing away at the beaches in Ocean Springs and on rainy days it’s making matters worse.
Studies have shown the amount of sand along the beaches in Ocean Springs has decreased significantly over the past couple years. Now, the City of Ocean Springs and Jackson County officials are teaming up to fix the erosion issue in an eco-friendly way.
In the Living Shoreline Project, officials will be working to create a mix using oysters, concrete, and some other natural products to reduce the impact of the waves and water from the outfalls on the sand. Carolyn Martin with the City of Ocean Springs said, “Taking these oyster balls and creating these reefs that would then protect the outfalls and prevent the sand from infiltrating so much, that’s one concept. But, also giving the plants and all the animals and the wildlife that would normally be in a natural state to establish itself and protect the shorelines like it would in nature.”
Money from the Mississippi Tidelands Trust Fund program is being used to get the project started.

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