Ocean Springs aquaculture students release fish in the wild

Students in the aquaculture program at Ocean Springs High School gathered at the Shed BBQ & Blues Joint to release 900 fish back into the wild.

The students started raising their striped bass fish last school year and due to the pandemic, the students had to hold on to the fish over the summer months.

Out of the 900 striped bass, 250 fish have been tagged with OSHS2021 and will be used for data collection with students as they begin year two of the program. Ocean Springs High Aquaculture Teacher Bryan Butler said, “It’s important for the whole biological aspect of it. They get their hands dirty. They get to work on everything. They work on not only that, but it’s also a lot of mechanisms or if you want to call it engineering. They build all the stuff that they do. They work on each of the systems together. We are doing PVC work. We are doing water quality and everything that goes along with it. So, it’s a well-rounded class where they start off with me in year one doing fresh water and then in year two, they do salt water and then year three they are doing an internship at the research lab.”

These students will now focus on raising speckled trout, oysters, and gray snapper for the saltwater side of their program.

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