Ocean Springs approves new speed limit on Magnolia Avenue

Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson along with the board of aldermen agreed to define the speed limit on Magnolia Avenue.
Residents in Ocean Springs presented the recommendation to lower the speed limit to the board in previous meetings.
The board agreed to reduce the speed limit to 15 miles per hour.
Mayor Dobson agreed with the residents stating it’s not the safest street, especially with three different schools in the area.
An Ocean Springs resident tells News 25, he’s happy the board made this decision, thinking about the safety of the kids within the area.
Doug Denehie says, “There’s been a couple of near misses with small children running away from their parents getting out in front of them and between the parked cars. It represents a real threat. Especially, not only for the harm of the child or the safety of the child, but a potential lawsuit against the city and anybody else.”
One of the aldermen also suggested adding more drop off points for the schools to benefit the safety of students.

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