Ocean Springs aldermen vote to move forward with annexation plans

City officials in Ocean Springs are moving forward with plans to annex two parcels of land.

The City of Ocean Springs is bringing back a reoccurring topic which is plans of possibly annexing the city.

The properties in question include the west side of Highway 57 to match Gautier’s boundary to the east and south of Highway 90.

The annexation would also bring Ocean Springs High School into the city limits and would add about 1,500 people to the city.

The city has attempted to annex the county land east of the city three times with the last attempt being in 2017.

Ocean Springs Mayor Kenny Holloway explains why he wishes to move forward with the annexation. “We’re a little bit behind, I feel, where the city should be as far as growth of the boundaries. So, we played with the maps and studied them and moved them around and we’ve come up with one that all the aldermen agree with, and I like it too. At the meeting last week, we filed the resolution to move forward.”

Holloway continued to say that Ocean Springs doesn’t have any boundaries close to the interstate like other Coast cities and he thought it was important that they got to the intersection.

But with annexation comes change and those changes will impact district 5 residents of Jackson County. District 5 Supervisor Randy Bosarge said, “I’ve had a lot of concerned citizens call in both areas that are being considered for annexation, and so I feel like I need to respect their wishes and oppose the annexation, so that’s what I’ll be doing at our December 19th meeting.”

Once the petition is filed, a judge will be assigned and the courts will decide whether there is a merit to the proposal.

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