Ocean Springs aldermen vote to fly state flag

Ocean Springs Board of Aldermen vote to amend a city ordinance regarding the state flag.
The state flag will now be required to fly at City Hall and other prime locations throughout Ocean Springs. The vote passed 6 to 1 with Alderman Rickey Authement in opposition.
The public comment portion of the meeting followed directly after the vote and residents both for and against the change had plenty to say. Resident Brian Rose said, “Our elected leaders have the wherewithal to decide the matters of Ocean Springs. As far as the state of Mississippi, the ballot initiative is available for everybody.”
Resident Robert Wiygul said, “Reconsider whether you want to take personal responsibility for this decision that you’re making rather than saying it’s something that you owe to the state. When you know, as a matter of law, it is not.”
Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson decided to fly the flag shortly after taking office, but then made a decision to stop flying the flag on November 14th. He told the public it was wrong for him to make the decision on his own instead of leaving it up for a vote by representatives.

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