Ocean Springs Aldermen Meeting gets Heated

An Ocean Springs Council Meeting became heated earlier this evening during an open forum.
The issue revolved around the discussion of part time vacation rental homes in residential areas.
The Board of Aldermen have proposed an ordinance that would allow these short term rental homes to stay open after passing an application process.
While some residents are against the vacation homes saying they infringe on their rights, others have had very positive experiences with the homes.
“I think I bring a different perspective then what we heard tonight”, said Ocean Springs resident Kay Cox. “That’s because I started here 15 years ago visiting Ocean Springs and I fell in love with Ocean Springs not only the shops and shop owners but also the people here are just awesome and I wanted to live here.”
The Board decided to table the ordinance to the next meeting on April 21st. The public is encouraged to attend that meeting if they want to make any comments.

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