Obama’s Final Speech as President

With President Obama giving his final presidential address tonight, we’re nearing the end of his eight years as president.
News 25 took to the streets, receiving a mixed public reaction on Obama’s time spent in office.
Resident Jacob Cambre said, “Barack Hussein Obama was horrific. His presidency was terrible for the American people. It was secularism, socialism, Marxism, internationalism, globalism, and communism.”
Resident Payne Rains said, “The new president, what we’re allowing him to get away with, I see that as more of a weakness than I would see what Obama has done as a weakness. I think Obama was about equality, really bringing us together.”
Resident Hailey Moncus said, “I think he’s done an incredible job with what he’s been given. He’s a very compassionate man and I think he’s going to be missed by a lot of people.”
President Obama’s final day in office is January 20th, 2017 when Donald Trump will be sworn in as the new commander in chief.

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