“Not my President’s Day” rallies

On this President’s Day, Americans took to the streets in various cities to proclaim their opposition to our current president, Donald Trump.
“Not my President’s Day” rallies took place in major cities across the country such as Los Angeles and Miami. Demonstrators say they wanted to show they are against the president’s policies, his attacks on the media, and his alleged ties to Russia.
The first two months of 2017 have been jammed with protests marches and there was no break on this federal holiday. Bay St. Louis resident Linda Tucker said, “That’s one thing that is so good about our nation. People can protest. As long as it’s peaceful, I think everyone has the right to say what they want to say or express themselves in the way that they feel.”
But not all the rallies opposed President Trump, one group of Trump supporters stood in the middle of a New York City gathering to back the president.

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