Not a good day at the beach

The effects of Tropical Storm Barry are nearing the Coast, but curious people are still braving the conditions to check things out at the beach.

It’s not a good day at the beach as Tropical Storm Barry passes the Mississippi Coast. Still, that hasn’t deterred residents from coming out to witness Mother Nature in action. Jaylyn Pratt from Biloxi headed to the beach to witness the waves caused by the storm. “They’re very big. I’ve never seen them this big before and it’s like not normal.”

Beaches along the Mississippi Coast are already feeling specific effects from Barry. Along with the rain and gusty winds associated with the storm, choppy waves are pushing water further onto the beach in Gulfport.

Longtime Coast resident Chelsa Rivers of Gulfport has experienced storms in the past and feels these conditions shouldn’t be as bad as other past storms. “I don’t think it’s going to be too serious. I think it will be a good time to bring the kids out to play with kites or something.”

While the Gulf Coast may escape the most serious effects of the storm, Chelsa and Jaylyn agree that taking safety precautions is a good choice. “You always want to be prepared. There are always freak accidents, but surviving many hurricanes, you kind of know what to look out for and what to be worried about.”

“Just make sure not to go in the water and try to not get flowed by the current and just be safe out here.”

As the weather intensity increases, alternate weekend plans are in store. “Watching movies with the family, that’s about it.”

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