North Woolmarket Elementary and Middle School students collecting donations for HSSM

To help the Humane Society of South Mississippi care for animals, the student council at North Woolmarket Elementary and Middle School have been collecting donations.

The students have collected more than 1,600 items since the collections started in February.

Every week the students focus on specific items to donate. Then each Saturday, the donations are dropped off at the Humane Society.

The class that donates the most items will receive a class incentive.

Not only have the students been donating, those within the community have also been stopping by and donating items. Fifth grader Shiloh Chatham said, “It’s going to help them I bet very much because they are running very low on food and puppy pads. Every week we try to focus on certain items that the animals need.”

The students will be taking up donations until Thursday, April 14th. Those interested in donating can drop items off at the front office.

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