None Injured in Kitchen Fire in Gulfport

An elderly woman is safe after a fire broke out in her kitchen around 10 this morning.
Edith Shoemaker was baking biscuits in the oven when she heard the fire alarms go off in her house on East Park Street in Gulfport. Her oven had caught on fire. She and her dog were able to make it out and 911 safely. 17 firefighters responded and were able to control the blaze rather quickly. Damage was mostly contained to the kitchen area.
“I got into the kitchen and smoke was bellowing up from the back of the oven and I don’t know what happened. That thing was working fine, but of course that thing must be about a hundred years old,” said Shoemaker.
Firefighters want to remind everyone to keep an eye on kitchen appliances when they are in use.

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