Nominations open for second annual Mississippi Makers Challenge

The Mississippi Manufacturers Association is calling for nominations for the second annual Mississippi Makers Challenge.

The contest is sponsored by Hancock Whitney and it’s all to find the coolest thing in the Magnolia State.

Products featured in this scavenger hunt range from automobiles to aircrafts, all the way down to gardening tools.

Voting is open to the public which gives you the chance to spotlight your favorite manufacturer.

Mississippi Makers Association President and CEO John McKay explains the inspiration behind the challenge. “This is all about highlighting the incredible things we make in Mississippi and really the talent that goes into a lot of these operations and you have skills of all types of varieties and you have men and women from all of the state that really do incredible work.”

Taylor Power Systems was crowned the winner of the inaugural Mississippi Makers Challenge with their TM-1000 portable generator.

To nominate a product, go to

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