No E. coli found, but boil water notice remains for City of Biloxi

The area of Biloxi, south of Back Bay, remains under a boil water notice.

The area includes the Peninsula from Point Cadet to Debuys Road.

The alert was prompted after a routine sample from a Back Bay water well showed the presence of E.coli bacteria.

The Bradfort Street well was closed and was being flushed out on Monday.

The city was pleased that the follow-up samples at the well show no traces of E. coli and continues to show no traces of bacteria in the water lines. City of Biloxi Public Affairs Manager Cecilia Dobbs-Walton said, “No traces of E. Coli were found in the system anywhere. It was just in that raw sample right at the well before chemicals even hit it. So, whenever it went through the system, no E. coli has been found in it. It’s just a precautionary measure.”

The Department of Health required two clear tests before lifting the boil water notice.

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