No Ban, No Wall Rally

Dozens of people along the Coast stood in solidarity to show support for both immigrants and refugees during a demonstration in Long Beach this evening.
The travel ban and the wall: two very controversial executive actions that have thousands across the country in disagreement. Nicole Daley is against the wall and the travel ban. She said, “America is supposed to be a place where people can come and feel welcomed and all this irrational discrimination against them is not fair.”
The Mississippi Immigrants’ Rights Alliance organized the No Ban, No Wall rally on USM’s Gulf Park campus as a way for residents to speak out against President Donald Trump’s recent executive actions. Sylvia Bryant is an immigrant. She said, “I’m not a Muslim, but I’m an immigrant and we’re all in the same boat. Of course I had to be here and make my voice heard.”
Representatives from various organizations along the Coast touched on the importance of unity, empathy, and understanding as the country transitions to new leadership.
Just outside of the rally, residents displayed a different point of view. Charlene Munro supports the wall and the travel ban. She said, “It’s not a Muslim ban. Terrorists can be purple or green. I just want them to keep the bad people out.”
Munro believes both executive actions are necessary for the safety of our country. “He’s trying to protect us. Just like you lock your car door, lock your house door. He’s trying to protect us by locking the bad guys out.”
Many protesters believe the solution starts with a simple conversation. Colby McClain is against the wall and travel ban. He said, “We need to put ourselves in their shoes and think about that and then have a conversation with them and then maybe we can find common ground.”
Organizers of the rally plan to host similar events in the future as an effort to help keep America a nation that’s indivisible. “Peaceful protesting ended the separation of east and west Germany. I do believe in the power of peaceful protest,” said Bryant.

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