Ninth annual Laying of the Wreaths Ceremony at Biloxi National Cemetery

It was a heartwarming day at the Biloxi National Cemetery Saturday for the ninth annual Laying of the Wreaths Ceremony.

Hundreds of volunteers showed their support for 27,000 veterans and their spouses laid to rest in the cemetery.

Each year, volunteers unload three 18-wheelers full of wreaths and attach red bows to them.

Some volunteers were emotional as they laid wreaths over their family members or friends as they remember them for this holiday season.

More volunteers are needed on January 7th when it is time to pick up those wreaths. Riemann Family Funeral Homes President Chad Riemann said, “The holidays are all about giving. If you can give just a little, which I think is what we do here, give just a little back that means everything.”

Kevin Cuttill with Crusaders for Veterans said, “Heart touching for everybody involved, not just the ones that are coming out in the community to help, but for the families who are here to help and see all the support they are getting as well.”

If you would like to know more information on how to help next year visit their Facebook at Wreaths for Biloxi National Cemetery.

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