Night out against Crime

Tonight in Gulfport, the city’s police department held their annual Night out against Crime, a family fun Halloween celebration that aims to bring the community and its law enforcement together.
Gulfport’s Night out against Crime is a way for the city’s police department and families from throughout the community to come together annually for a Halloween celebration. Sgt. Josh Bromen with the Gulfport Police Department said, “This is just an opportunity for us, the police department, to meet with the men and women and their families of the community on their turf. We’re out here with all of our equipment. They can come up and ask questions and see what we do every day.”
This event gives families and law enforcement officers a chance to come together and focus on having fun. “This way we come out to them and make ourselves available for questions. We’re doing citizen surveys, things like that. We’re gonna have some changes so we want to take this opportunity now when we know we’re going to have changes to critique it to the citizens of Gulfport and reaching out and saying hey, what do you want and what do you need,” said Sgt. Bromen.
The community reacts in a big way, lining up for a chance to hang out with the Gulfport PD and compete in the costume contest.
At the end of the day, the police department wants people to know they care. They’re here to serve and protect the City of Gulfport. “We’re trying to reach out to the public so they know, like you said, we’re the good guys. When we’re coming to your neighborhood, we’re coming to help you. We’re coming to save you. If you have questions or you need something, whether you’re two or a hundred and two, we’re here to help,” said Sgt. Bromen.

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