Next step for Pascagoula budget

The City of Pascagoula is ready to present their proposed 2019 fiscal year budget to the state of Mississippi.

After an audit revealed a $14 million shortfall for the city, budget cuts were made to solve the issue. The final and total number of layoffs for the city was 41.

Some Pascagoula residents could pay $374 more on 200,000 homes due to a 14.5 milage increase in tax rates. The milage increase will go into effect October 1st. Pascagoula Community Relations Director Lauri-Ellen Smith said, “They will continue to revisit this milage. Obviously, we can adjust it annually, but they will continue to revisit where we are and what should be done to move Pascagoula forward.”

Pascagoula Mayor Dane Maxwell and the city council appreciates the residents who attended the meetings and wants to continue the positive engagements to make the city better.

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