Next Move for Students at William Carey

Students devastated at the destruction of William Carey University are left wondering what the next steps are in their education.
A vibrant college campus is now a ghost town after Saturday’s tornado destroyed William Carey University. Med student Yitzhak Lee said, “It’s basically my second home. It’s really a part of me is lost. I don’t really know where to go at this point. It’s really sad. Our school is trying to figure out what we’re going to do.”
Lee searched his room for what was left after the devastation. Fortunately, the tornado spared his college stapler, his caffeine stock, and his roommate who was at the school Saturday morning. “He said it was like a movie. It started shaking and then he got underneath his bed, the roof was ripped off, rain started pouring in and he just cried out to God ‘save me.’ It was a miracle that he is still alive,” said Lee.
The majority of the buildings on the campus are taped off with glass shattered and debris everywhere. So students are asking: what now? “Medical school, we really need to keep on going. Our dean told us that we’re going to start having class mid-week and we’re going to have a town hall meeting at a church later on tonight,” said Lee.
While university officials are keeping students and volunteers off campus because of safety concerns, online classes are going on as scheduled.
With every on-campus building destroyed, USM and Gulfport city leaders are also lending a helping hand. Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes said, “We reached out to Hattiesburg officials as well as William Carey in particular, talking about do they need dorm space. Are they going to need classroom space? Whatever we can do to help them provide assistance as we have with other disasters. Just like folks did for us, we’re going to be there for them.”
A touching message, especially for Lee who holds the university close to his heart. “Human spirit and the community that is opening up is something that blows me away and that’s something I thank God for.”

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