A new way to report suspicious activity within Harrison County schools

With the new school season in full swing, Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson has announced a new way to help prevent tragedies from happening in county schools.

A new feature to the sheriff department’s app allows people to submit reports of suspicious activity at any campus in the district. You simply select ‘schools’ on the home page of the app and make a selection.

From there you can submit the tip, along with photo or video, and the sheriff’s department will receive it and respond immediately. Sheriff Peterson said, “If they’re in class and a student has a gun in class and the other student sees it in his book bag, they can simply text us where they’re at, what room they’re in, who their teacher is, who the person is that has the gun and we can immediately respond to the classroom.”

The app can be downloaded on Apple or Android by searching Harrison County Sheriff’s Department. Reports can be made anonymously, but remember, submitting false information is a crime which is punishable by law.

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