New USM Research Vessel Comes to Port of Gulfport

The Port of Gulfport has a unique opportunity to join forces with Southern Miss to serve as the home port for their research vessel, the Point Sur.

The Point Sur is on its way to the Gulf Coast from Monterrey, California and is expected to arrive mid-afternoon on Sunday. It will enhance education and research opportunities for students and faculty who will have access to Point Sur’s sophisticated technology and equipment. It will also be able to conduct research in Antarctica.

Jonathan Daniels, Executive Director and C.E.O. of the Mississippi Port Authority, says, "This really gives us a chance to have a very strong connection with U.S.M. It adds an educational component to what we do. It allows is the opportunity to diversify, bring something that’s very new and very interesting to the waterfront. It has nothing to do with cargo tonnage whatsoever. It allows us the opportunity to be able to develop some jobs that were outside the traditional and industrial zone."

The Point Sur will be the first new tenant in the small craft harbor since it has been repurposed.

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