New talent development lab at Moss Point High School

Ingalls Shipbuilding is partnering with three local high schools to construct talent development labs to heighten these school’s technical programs, especially when it comes to shipbuilding.

The partnership between Ingalls and the Moss Point School District is a long standing relationship, but this new facility at Moss Point High School is giving that partnership new depths. In this talent development lab, students will learn how to weld, use machinery, and other shipyard crafts.

One of the welding teachers, James Boone, is excited to get his students in this new lab. He is thankful to Ingalls for giving this opportunity to these young minds. “There’s nowhere around that is going to top this. This has been done with such great care and such enthusiasm from Ingalls to do it. All the equipment here is state of the art, digital. It’s all of the highest grade and caliber.”

The future is bright for the students at Moss Point because not only are they learning how to weld, they also will be taught life skills that they can take away with them after high school.

Ingalls provided these students with safe and modern welding equipment. They made sure industry standards were met so these teenagers can transition easier from student to professional.

Students will be in the lab starting classes no later than Monday. Boone says they are excited to get their hands on these tools. “The kids every day ‘Mr. Boone when are we going to get into our shop?’ It’s not just once a week, it’s everyday in the room. The first question out of their mouth: ‘how much longer until we can get into our shop?’ They wanna see it so bad they are just chomping at the bit to go.”

Ingalls officials say they are thrilled for this opening because now not only will they be building the best ships in the world, but also mentoring the best future shipbuilders.

Ingalls will also be opening talent development labs at Pascagoula High School in 2019 and Alma Bryant High School in Irvington, Alabama within this school year.

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