New student garden unveiled at North Bay Elementary

This morning in Biloxi, students from the gifted program at North Bay Elementary School held an opening ceremony for their brand new garden.

Every class has a section in the garden and the students decide what type of produce they’d like to grow. The garden was designed in a way that allows teachers to incorporate parts of their core curriculum into new lessons and a gardening club is being formed to maintain the plants through the summer months.

John Collins is the teacher behind the garden. He has seen gardens work wonders for his students at past schools and wants to replicate that growth at North Bay. “You can do a math lesson plan, a literature lesson plan, the art teacher can bring art students out here, of course you can do science lesson plans, photosynthesis. Over the summer when it really starts kicking in, then the kids that are here at the summer school program will come and harvest it and either they can eat it or we’ll donate it to Back Bay Mission or some of the other local charities because that’s part of the gifted program is for the kids to learn philanthropy.”

The school teamed up with Whole Foods, Mississippi State University’s Extension Services, Hancock Bank and several other partners to make the new garden a reality.

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