New souvenir store to open in Biloxi in 2020

The early stages of construction are now underway for a new souvenir store in west Biloxi.
The Pierotich family, owners of the iconic Sharkheads and Souvenir City gift shops on West Beach, has decided to open a new store. They are beginning to work to dress up the 12 acre site that will one day be a new Souvenir City, west of Treasure Bay.
The family tells News 25 that they do not have a master plan yet, but they have started to clear the area for construction. Sharkheads Owner JJ Pierotich said, “The new Souvenir City, which we are probably going to change the theme of it, it’s going to be a completely different brand new, modern store that will be built closer to Treasure Bay and so one day when we get it open, we are thinking around 2020, that we will just close one store one day and move into the other one. Whatever other businesses may open along the way we are really not there yet, we are just trying to get some master plans, so to speak, so we do it correctly.”
The owner tells News 25 the new store will have great parking as well as many things for kids to do.

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