New sign at Old Mississippi City Cemetery

You can find plenty of history in the Mississippi City Cemetery in Gulfport, but you have to find the cemetery in the first place.
The Historical Society of Gulfport is in the process of producing a historical site marker for the property. Today, the Gifted and Talented students program at Pass Road Elementary decided to fix that problem on their own. They unveiled an all new sign to mark the entrance of the cemetery.
The students have done walking tours, historical studies, and reenactments there and wanted to do something to make the community more aware of the gravesites. Melanie Davis with Pass Road Elementary School said, “My students have been working on the historical research of the cemetery. It is located right behind our school. We’ve taken walking field trips and we’ve done research about the community members that have helped to make our city what it is today.”
Third grader Chloe Bellew said, “I feel very happy because it shows that third graders can do stuff like this to help our community and to show what their school can do.”
Students from Gulfport High are also working to map out the names and locations of those buried at the cemetery.

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