New sea oats on Highway 90 holding up against storm

Just last week, crews finished planting thousands of sea oats along Highway 90 on the beach. Today, crews went out to check on the plants to see if they survived the storm.

The sea oats were brought in and planted to help keep the sand from blowing onto Highway 90. Officials were unsure if the oats would survive Cristobal so this morning they were out along the beach surveying the plants.

The good news is that crews say that most of the plants they checked on this morning are still in place. Coastal Restoration Vice President Mitch Tinsley said, “Well so far we are very optimistic, and that the plants were not dislodged from the sand, most of the plants that we are seeing are still in place. The ones that we can’t see we are hopeful that the stems were removed from the root ball and the root ball is still in the sand. Once the sand starts drying out and the water comes out of it and the sunshine comes out we are very hopeful that the plants will continue to grow and become established and this will still be a successful project.”

The longer the sea oats are planted the more they will be able to help keep sand off of the highway.

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