New school lunch dishes unveiled in Harrison County School District

Today the Harrison County School District unveiled new cafeteria food items and Saucier Elementary School students provided input before the dishes appear on the regular menu.
Cafeteria workers provided samples of chicken quesadillas, fajita melts, and more. The children who tried these dishes received a ‘Make today a try day’ sticker and the staff also handed out prizes.
The schools fifth and sixth graders are competing in an essay contest. The topic is ‘what they enjoy about school lunch.’ Child Nutrition Manager Craig Ferguson said, “It is very important that they get all of the food groups in every meal that we serve. We know that child nutrition as it relates to students coming in in the morning, that those students that have had a healthy nutritious breakfast excel.’
Saucier Elementary Cafeteria Manager Barbara Hosli said, “My whole goal for today is to make them realize that there’s something more than the hamburgers and pizza that is really good tasting and give them better choices in life.”
Students can look forward to seeing these new menu additions served up county-wide in the near future.

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