New protective fire suits for Biloxi Fire Department

The Biloxi Fire Department is looking at ways to keep its firefighters safe from toxins that can cause cancer.

This afternoon, Fire Chief Joe Boney talked to the Biloxi City Council about the importance of funding a new type of suit that helps prevent carcinogens from seeping into the suits. Chief Boney also told the council three firefighters are currently fighting cancer and the city must do everything it can to protect those who protect its citizens.

The suits don’t come cheap, each one costing $3,300. “We ingest carcinogens anytime we go to a fire. These suits, while they’re the same suits we wore before we got those suits, they’re retro-fitted or fitted with certain pieces that don’t allow carcinogens to enter our bodies.”

There are currently 170 people in the fire department. Currently, the fire department owns 30 of the new suits and just ordered 30 more.  

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