New musical playground equipment at Little Children’s Park

A new piece of playground equipment at Little Children’s Park in Ocean Springs encourages children of all abilities to explore their creativity through music.
Together the City of Ocean Springs and Disability Connection cut the ribbon to the new rhapsody metallophone. It’s a wheelchair accessible instrument perfect for little musicians that will help develop sensory, motor cognitive and social-emotional skills.
As a mother who raised a special needs child, Mayor Connie Moran says this is just another step in the right direction towards making sure no child feels left out. “Well it’s so important as a parent of a social needs child to make sure that your children are included, that they can come to a place with birthday parties with all of their friends and children of all abilities. So, one by one we’re trying to install equipment that all children will be able to enjoy. We already have the little expressions swing where a parent and child can swing together.”
Five other pieces are in the works to be installed at Little Children’s Park including a special swing that a wheelchair can be attached to.

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