New Mississippi Laws Taking Effect July 1

A teacher pay raise, a second chance for some with criminal convictions and the cost of getting hitched in Mississippi will cost you a little more. These are just a few of the laws that go into effect Monday, July 1st  in Mississippi.

Teachers throughout the state will get a $1,500 a year pay raise, and the Fresh Start Act of 2019 clears the way for those with criminal convictions to obtain licenses for work, unless it’s in a position directly linked to their criminal conviction.

Also in our schools, teachers cannot use corporal punishment on any student who has a disability or is on a special education plan, and schools are now required to have active-shooter drills.

Making a terroristic threat is now a crime that can land offenders with a 10-year prison sentence, and marriage licenses will now cost you $15 dollars more, increasing from $20 to $35.

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