New mandatory mask policy at Beau Rivage

Two Biloxi casinos adopted new policies this week requiring all guests to wear masks in public areas.

MGM Resorts International announced Wednesday that all guests will be required to wear masks in public spaces in all MGM properties in the United States, including the Beau Rivage. Eric Newton, the Beau Rivage’s vice president of security, has been crafting a plan for the resort’s change of policy. “We’ve been working on this and coming out with the protocols and coming out with how we can do this and make sure that people are safe, but have a good time at the same time.”

The new company-wide policy will go into effect at the Beau Rivage on Friday at 6 a.m. “Really what we’re going to do is more of a soft approach, we’re just asking guests to, you know, take into account everybody else’s safety and we’re just asking if they would please just, you know, wear a mask when they’re out in public areas.

Although asking guests to wear masks is a new requirement, the Beau Rivage has already implemented its own precautions to make sure guests stay safe, including a custom-made hand-washing station on the casino floor. “We really have gone way, way out of our way to make sure that people are safe. Hand washing stations and sanitization stations all over the casino that we didn’t have before.”

As the first MGM Resort to reopen after the COVID-19 shutdown, the Beau has been opening its retail stores, bars, and restaurants in phases. “Obviously we don’t want to open too quickly and endanger people. So things like entertainment is probably going to be a while before we get a theater with people full a theater. We just don’t want that. Entertainment in our bars is going to be a while. So we’re kinda just trying to find that fine line of offering the public a place to go and things to do, but also making sure they’re safe while doing it.”

Caesar’s, the parent company of Harrah’s in Biloxi, is also requiring all guests and visitors to wear masks.

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