New local art project in downtown Gulfport

Following the recent success of Fishbone Alley, the City of Gulfport is becoming even more of a canvas for local art.
The Gulfport Mayor’s Youth Council is just getting started on a new project downtown. The youth council members will be turning the parking lot near Coast Roast and Pop Brothers into a showcase for local artwork. The first piece of artwork put up was an American flag. Council members are working on a bike rack to add to the display area.
They tell News 25 they’re hoping to bring even more tourists to the location. Mayor’s Youth Council member Gracie Weatherly said, “We’re hoping that more tourists will come here and get a taste of Gulfport, see more of what it’s really like and just more welcome and more at home here in Gulfport.”
Mayor’s Youth Council member Madeline Wadsworth said, “It’s made by people from here so it’s a little more personal and a little more intimate.”
Both Coast Roast and Pop Brothers are helping fund the art supplies. Council members say the project will be ongoing and the artwork will keep changing.
Gulfport city officials tell News 25 the parking lot is expected to be paved in the next few weeks.

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