New incentive program for Mississippi shrimpers

There’s a new incentive program for Mississippi shrimpers!

With help from NOAA’s marine debris removal program and Mississippi State University Coastal Research and Extension Center, Mississippi commercial fisheries is launching a three-year, $650,000 project to incentivize commercial fisheries.

The marine debris program will begin January 1st for Mississippi shrimpers.

Derelict Trap Reward Program Coordinator Alyssa Rodolfich described the details to News 25. “The goal of it is to have shrimpers remove marine debris, any single-used plastics, old fishing gear that they come across as they do their regular shrimping throughout the year. So, we’re incentivizing them to remove that and bring it and dispose of it properly at any of the harbors down here.”

Shrimpers can sign up through Mississippi Commercial Fisheries United or Mississippi State University Extension Center.

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