New Driver’s License Location

A new driver’s license bureau opened up in Gulfport this past Monday. Residents of Gulfport are relieved they don’t have to make the trip to D’iberville every time they need a new license.
Gulfport Councilman Ricky Dombrowski said that this project has been his baby for the last eight months and he is excited to share it with the community. They have redone the entire exterior of the building and gutted the inside. It is located just up Highway 49 in the Raybourn Plaza.
“Why don’t we have a place where we can get driver’s license,” said Dombrowski, “He says we have to drive all the way out to HWY 67, I said ‘well you know, let’s just find out.’ So, once I contacted Jackson County they said ‘you know, find us a building and we’ll be glad to move into it.’”
Gulfport resident Barbara Stewart said, “Very excited since I don’t have to travel all over the country looking for a place to get my license. It’s right down the street.”
City leaders hope to have a grand opening celebration. Workers are putting the finishing touches on the project.

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