New documentary released on the life of a Mississippi native

Mississippi native Creighton Hobbs has a new documentary film out on Amazon Prime.

‘How Many Chances’ was originally a book written by Hobbs. He then turned the book into a documentary film.

The film takes you along the unbelievable life of Hobbs. Hobbs has escaped death nearly five times, survived 24 car wrecks, and ten diabetic comas.

Hobbs wants to showcase the power of life and living everyday like it is your last. “You’re going to take home watching this as an inspiration. You’re going to see something that’s going to not only bring you an emotional roller coaster ride, but you’re going to take home with you personally an experience that you are not going to forget.”

‘How Many Chances’ is out now on Amazon Prime and can be viewed at no cost to all Amazon Prime members.

Non-members can rent or purchase the documentary on

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