New crime fighting app in Ocean Springs

There’s a new tool for Ocean Springs residents and visitors to ensure safety within the city.

On Monday, the Ocean Springs Police Department announced they’ve partnered with ‘Relay’ providing an app that acts as a neighborhood watch.

It’s not designed to replace 911, but can be used to report suspicious activity or non-emergency crime in real time.

Those that download the app will also receive direct alerts and updates from the police department. Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson said, “It’s a really good way to efficiently report to the police department. Sometimes people get nervous when they are on the phone with the police department. They feel intimidated for whatever reason. This way people can report to the police without having to use the phone or visit the police station.”

Ocean Springs Police Chief Mark Dunston said, “Instead of talking to our dispatch, you’ll hear back from the Relay app from a police officer on the street and that way you’ll get a disposition texted to you from an officer with the app.”

The Relay app can be downloaded on the Apple App Store and Android Google Play store for free by visiting

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