New Coast Guard cutter to be christened

Ingalls Shipbuilding and the U.S. Coast Guard are preparing to celebrate another milestone for a new vessel.

Tomorrow marks the christening of the legend-class National Security Cutter ‘Stone.’ The Stone is named after Coast Guard Commander Elmer ‘Archie’ Stone who served from 1910 to 1936 and was a pioneer in the establishment of the Coast Guard and Navy’s aviation capabilities.

Both the ship’s sponsor and commanding officer say the vessel will play an important role in the Coast Guard and for national security. Commanding Officer Captain Adam Morrison said, “These project U.S. Coast Guard as well as U.S. national interests over the horizon. So, these are ships that patrol in the Western Hemisphere, they’re capable of patrolling all over the world, supporting and defending the homeland across the seas.”

Ship’s sponsor/ Elmer Stone’s Great Niece Laura Cavallo said, “It’s a great joy and a great pride for the United States, too.”

Stone is 418 feet in length, has a displacement of 4,500 long tons and is the ninth legend-class cutter. It is scheduled to be officially commissioned sometime in 2021.

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