New artwork at Fishbone Alley

If you would like to enjoy the outdoors while appreciating some great art work, Fishbone Alley in downtown Gulfport might be the spot to check out.

The alley recently received four new colorful additions all created by Mississippi Gulf Coast artists. Fishbone Alley opened up in 2016 and serves as a connecting area for bars and restaurants in downtown Gulfport.

News 25 spoke to Chris Vignes with the City of Gulfport who tells us over the last two years Fishbone Alley has grown to provide the community with art in motion thanks to the committed artist in the community. “It’s been amazing, right now, you see people taking senior pictures. You’ve seen prom pictures. You’ve seen engagements. We’ve had a wedding, but it’s a lot of fun because it’s given us a lot of notoriety outside of our market. People know this is a cool destination where the public has been invited to do art and be part of the process. The unofficial quote is to make it funky. This is the art alley for everybody so you can contact the city, you can reach out to us and say I want to be a part of this project.”

If you’re a local artist and would like your work to be featured at Fishbone Alley you can send an email to

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