New Apollo display at Infinity Science Center

Nearly 50 years after its flight, the Apollo 4 command module has a new home at Infinity Science Center.
The capsule was the first Apollo spacecraft to launch atop a Saturn five rocket on November 9, 1967. The mission ended when the module splashed down in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii just nine hours after lift-off.
Still wrapped up in packaging, the capsule is on loan from the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum, but was sitting at Stennis Space Center for over a decade before its arrival at Infinity. Infinity Science Center Director John Wilson said, “So this capsule is one piece of the many other pieces that we have here in our museum and science center that we hope will inspire the next generation to take on big challenges like the Apollo Space Program and like going to the moon. Hopefully young people will come in here and be inspired by this and say you know what we need to go and put some boot prints on Mars or on worlds beyond our solar system.”
To celebrate the new exhibit and 50th anniversary of Apollo 4, Infinity Science Center will have a ribbon cutting later this year.

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