Nereids Parade Rolls Through Waveland Hancock County

The Krewe of Nereids is one of the oldest carnival groups in the area, so it only makes sense that they’d throw one of the best parties.
Today in Waveland that’s exactly what people got as the krewe’s annual Mardi Gras parade rolled down Highway 90. The secretive, all- female krewe has been around since the sixties, and so of course this year’s parade theme, Nereids goes gold, was a fitting choice.
Parade goers tell News 25 that it’s the combination of the New Orleans party vibe and a safe family atmosphere that brings them back yearly. Billy Suthoff was enjoying the parade with family and friends. He said, “It’s a good place to hang out bring the family and have a good time and that’s actually exactly why we’re out here.”
Oscar Diaz brought his family from Slidell to the Nereid Parade. He said, “It’s every year something to look forward to and it just goes to show you know, that it’s a great place to bring you family, everybody’s friendly, you know. Good place to be.”
This year’s event was the 50th anniversary of the first ever Krewe of Nereids Parade.

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