Neighbors react to 24-hour long standoff between Biloxi PD and shooting suspect

The standoff in Biloxi had neighbors worried for their safety as the situation unfolded.

The situation stemmed yesterday after 54-year-old Anthony Little allegedly shot an individual near the Westwick Apartments on Wednesday, kidnapped a woman and forced her to drive him to an area near Rodenburg and Pass Road and was then seen fleeing to his mother’s house on Strangi Avenue in Biloxi. Portions of Strangi Avenue and Division Street were blocked off.

The standoff had gained the attention of many locals. News 25 spoke to a couple early this morning who know Little and had a sleepless night, concerned for his safety. Resident Erik McClendon said, “It’s pretty out of character because Anthony don’t ever bother anyone.”

Police say during negotiations, Little fired several shots in the direction of officers.

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