Neighborhood year after retired Moss Point educator’s murder

It’s been one year since the brutal murder of retired Moss Point educator Willie C. Williams. Authorities say he was stabbed more than fifty times.
News 25’s Gina Tomlinson spoke with Moss Point residents who are just houses down from where his body was found and they say they still live in fear.
Last August, retired Moss Point educator Willie C. Williams was brutally murdered at the point where Frederick and Charles Street meet. What you find in the neighborhood now: bars on the windows, homes with security systems, and neighbors who are still scarred from the stabbing death. Moss Point Resident Maggie Rasco said, “If they would kill him like that, you could imagine what they would do to me, being a woman.”
Rasco grew up with Williams. She lives houses down from where 64-year-old Williams was found dead in his home August 19th, 2016. “He was just a very loving and kind person. If he could do anything for you, he did. I hated it, the way they killed him. He didn’t deserve it.”
Twenty-three year-old Lee Andrew Gipson and 24-year-old Kierra Shante McWilliams were arrested in connection with Williams’ murder. Other neighbors tell News 25 Williams was a well-liked principal and when he retired he was still very social and active in the community. Moss Point Resident Beulah Booker said, “He was a nice person. He always came down our street in the morning time.”
According to autopsy results, Williams was stabbed more than fifty times. “It really traumatized me. When I would go out to my mailbox, I have to look down the road, right at his house,” said Rasco.
Rasco says Williams was an innocent man killed for no reason and since her neighbor’s murder, she has stepped up safety measures. “I have a gun in each bedroom plus a hammer.”
“Since it happened, we just try to live and go on,” said Booker.

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