NCBC Members do 22 Pushup Challenge

Members of the Naval Construction Battalion Center push to spread awareness of suicide prevention among our veterans.
News 25’s Laurene Callander reports on the base’s involvement in the nationwide 22 pushup challenge.
These pushups are not a typical part of PT for members of the Naval Construction Battalion Center. In a nationwide attempt to spread awareness of preventing suicide among veterans, military members and civilians are doing pushups to represent the daily number of veterans who lose their life to suicide. This is an emotional topic for many. Senior Enlisted Leader Douglas McClain said, “I had a friend of mine who committed suicide. It’s a big thing.”
McClain pushes through the pain of losing a loved one to suicide. Although a sensitive issue, especially in the military, McClain hopes these messages prevent the same tragedy for someone else. “When you lose someone who is close to you, a friend or family to suicide, it seems like a very needless loss. It’s very preventable. Just go out and ask for help.”
These pushups hit home for many military members and civilians. The base hopes these videos heighten awareness on preventing suicide among veterans. Commanding Officer of NOSC Jason McCoy said, “We need to reach out to the ones who are depressed, possibly have PTSD, and we can give them help if they need it. Sometimes they are too afraid to ask for help especially in this environment. Hopefully we can get the word out and they can ask for help.”
You can track the base’s Facebook page where every day for the month of September a member of the NCBC will do the 22 pushup challenge.

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