NCAA grants relief for spring sports, denies relief for winter sports

There’s no precedent as to how the NCAA is supposed to proceed in the event of a pandemic canceling the entire spring sports calendar, but as promised the governing body is doing the right thing.

As first reported by The Athletic, the Division I council has voted in favor of granting relief for spring athletes as a result of the Coronavirus otherwise cutting seasons and careers very short.

However, the same eligibility forgiveness was not given to winter athletes who were also impacted by COVID-19 just to a lesser degree.

Financial aid for seniors that return are exempt from financial aid limits, but it’s up to the institution to determine the amount of aid per athlete.

Division I Council Chair ‘M’ Grace Calhoun says “The council’s decision gives individual schools the flexibility to make decisions at a campus level. The Board of Governors encouraged conferences and schools to take action in the best of the student-athletes and their communities and now schools have the opportunity to do that.”

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